The Beginning

Village Beads International project is an off shoot and creation of Move Ahead Training and Development CC. The company trained two hundred (200) rural, unemployed and disabled women in various areas in Limpopo, with the aim of fostering economic self-reliance for these women. The intention was also to encourage them to form cooperatives and own projects where it would be possible not only to practice the learned and refined skill but also to make a living from.
Move Ahead Development CC under the auspices of Matlakala Bopape, created a Train-the-Trainer programme, by sharpening the beading skill of Buhle Mathonsi. She then became the chief facilitator and trained others to become trainers too.
The following groups underwent training and were certificated under MaPPP Seta and Mining Qualification Authority (MQA):

  1. Matlakala Group
  2. Mashashane group
  3. Mahwelereng Group
  4. Moletsi Group
  5. Seshego Group
  6. Atock Group
  7. Helen Franz School of Disabled
  8. Ratanang Disabled project
  9. Jane Furse group

Once the training was completed, a core group of trainers became Village Beads International who continue to create and produce the current pieces.

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